Cratilla lineata (Brauer, 1878)

Family: Libellulidae
Scientific Name: Cratilla lineata
Common Name: Line Forest-skimmer

Line Forest-skimmer is a moderately large dragonfly which is rare and found only at few locations in the nature reserves. This species breed in small shallow, leafy pools in the closed forests.

The thorax of the male is deep metallic dark blue with thin yellow stripes. The yellow stripes are obscured due to pruinose in older males. The wings of the male is clear, without any dark patch.

Lined Forest-skimmer (Cratilla lineata)
Lined Forest-skimmer (Cratilla lineata)

Female is slightly more robust, has a distinct yellow stripes at the abdomen with dark wing-tips. I am not sure is the dark wing tips only found in the Singapore species?

A mating pair
A mating pair

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