Lathrecista asiatica (Fabricius, 1798)

Family: Libellulidae
Scientific Name: Lathrecista asiatica
Common Name: Scarlet Grenadier

Scarlet Grenadier is a relatively common dragonfly and can be found in most forested nature reserve of Singapore.

The abdomen of the male is straight-sided and red in colour, except for the last two segments, which is black. The thorax is dark brown with yellowish stripes. Older male is pruinose and the thorax turn to dark purplish in colour.

Female is generally more uncommon, but the appearance is same as male. The abdomen is thicker, reddish in colour with some yellowish stripes on the first two segments.

Older male
Older male

This species tend to favour open areas in the fringes of the nature reserve.


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