Nannophya pygmaea Rambur, 1842

Family: Libellulidae
Scientific Name: Nannophya pygmaea
Common Name: Scarlet Pygmy

The smallest true dragonfly in Singapore and one of the smallest in the World, the scarlet pygmy has a total body length of merely 16-17mm. It is quite a localised species and commonly found at open grassy and swampy areas as well as inlets and water edges of reservoirs. So far, I have encountered this species at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, MacRitchie Reservoir Nature Reserve, and at the vicinity of Chestnut Ave forests.

The male has a totally red thorax and abdomen. The wing base is tinted with amber. Juvenile male is yellowish brown in colour. Female is darker and the abdomen has a transverse bands of dark brown and white.

Both male and female are very active during noon time. It is a usual sight of seeing this species adopt an obelisk posture during mid-day whilst the sun is right above. I guess this is to minimise exposing their body to intense heat during the day.

This is indeed a cute and lovely dragonfly species – one of my favourites.


Matured male
Immatured male
Immature male
Immature male
Immature male

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