Heliogomphus kelantanensis, Laidlaw 1902, Female

Family: Gomphidae
Scientific Name: Heliogomphus kelantanensis
Common Name: Malayan Grappletail

Female of Heliogomphus kelantanensis is extremely rare and the general appearance is similar to that of the male. It has uniform olive green sides to the thorax and the side of the abdomen has a series of yellow markings. It is with extreme luck that we found two female individuals at the Central Catchment Nature Reserve in June 2013. The first female was found about 100 metres away from the forest streams. She was resting on a small leaf by the side of the forest trail, perhaps waiting for the right timing to mate with the male nearby the streams. The second female was found nearer to the other streams deeper into the trail.

According to the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources) 2013, the only record of the female of this species is by Lieftinck , 1932 who described the larva based on a female, presumably reared to adulthood. the female had not been described previously.

It is hope this species could continue to survive in our nature reserves.


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