Paragomphus capricornis (FÓ§rster, 1914)

Family: Gomphidae
Scientific Name: Paragomphus capricornis
Common Name: Banded Hooktail

Banded hooktail is a small gomphid which is rare in Singapore. It was known to exist in certain places in Singapore such as the Nee Soon Swamp Forest and Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Of my three years of photographing dragonflies, this was the first time I have come across this species at a restricted area at the Western part of Singapore.

The male and female of this species is very similar. It has dark green to black eyes, very stout body, with yellow stripes at the side of the dorsum and abdomen. The male has a unique shaped superior appendages that look like a scimitar.

I was lucky to spot both a male and a female at an open grassland in a hot sunny day. Not far away, another female was spotted near to the water body and on my way out, another male was spotted at another location. This species is known to breed in sandy running streams and it was not uncommon to find it at this location.

A male bends it’s abdomen showing it’s unique -shaped Scimitar appendages
A female basking in a hot sunny day
Another male found a short distance away from the female