Pseudagrion pruinosum (Burmeister, 1839) (1)

Family: Coenagrionidae
Scientific Name: Pseudagrion pruinosum
Common Name: Grey Sprite

Grey Sprite is an uncommon damselfly species which was first recorded in Singapore in 1997. This species is mainly found on grassy-bordered of fast flowing streams. It was recorded from Mandai and Central Catchment Reserve.

The male has a dark purplish grey appearance with striking reddish eyes. The blue-grey pruinescence on the thorax increase with age. The abdomen is generally black with the last three segments grey. Males are more commonly seen than females.


Female has olive-green eyes and orange markings on the thorax. Females tend to wonder some distance away from the streams where they hunt for smaller insects and occasional other damselfly.


The mating process is very interesting. Male will generally stay very close to the female when she oviposits. It is not uncommon to see a tandem pair submerged in the water where female oviposits on plant tissues.

The female’s head is submerged, where the male guarding from above
The female’s head and part of the body is submerged
The female’s whole body is now submerged except for a pair of wings sticking out of the water.

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