Leptogomphus risi Laidlaw, 1933 – female

Family: Gomphidae
Scientific Name: Leptogomphus risi
Common Name: Ris’Clubtail

This species of medium-size gomphid is very rare in Singapore. As stated in the book of “Dragonflies of Singapore”, so far, only a single male has been recorded in Singapore on 7th March 2004. This species is said to be found in Malaysia, southern Thailand and Singapore, where it inhibits lowland swamp forests.

On 23rd June 2013, my friends and I were at the Central Catchment Nature Reserve where we found a single female individual of this species resting on a fern leaf at the nearby stream.

This species is recognised by very slender abdomen which are predominantly black. There are two yellow stripes on the dorsal side of the thorax. Eyes are green and some yellow markings on the face.

The dorsal side of the thorax showing clearly the two yellow stripes which are almost parallel, as shown above.

Another lateral shot of the same female.

The “face”shot with distinct yellow markings.

Incidentally, another teneral female of the Leptogomphus risi was collected recently on 10th April 2013 at the stream at Venus trial. Read the interesting article HERE.