Brachydiplax chalybea Brauer, 1868

Family: Libellulidae
Scientific Name: Brachydiplax chalybea
Common Name: Blue Dasher

Brachydilpax Chalybea is a relatively small dragonfly from the family of Libellulidae, a species which is very common and wide spread in Singapore. It usually inhibits ponds, streams, and some disturbed areas outside the nature reserves. Female is less common and may appear only when mating.

The male of this dragonfly has a powdery blue thorax with light to brown patches. The abdomen is also powdery blue with the last three segments dark in colour. It also has a dark yellowish tint at the base of it’s wings. Female is generally similar in size but has more orangey body and dark markings along the dorsum of the abdomen. Unlike male, female has clear wing base.

Males are often territorial and are very active in the morning and early afternoon. This species is very similar to Aethriamanta gracilis, but the latter species is smaller in size and has a wider wing venation. It is also quite similar to Raphismia bispina, which is rare in Singapore and inhabits only at mangrove swamps.

Male – lateral view.
Male – dorsal view

Female of this species is more attractive, and less common.

Female – Very orangey in colour
Female – doral view showing the dark markings at the abdomen

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