Gynacantha basiguttata – female ovipositing.

Family: Aeshnidae
Scientific Name: Gynacantha basiguttata
Common Name: Spoon-tailed Duskhawker

Encountering a rare female Gynacantha basiguttata was lucky enough, let alone a female which oviposit at a forest pool in the secondary forest near Mandai. It was around 10 plus in the morning when I arrived. The forest pool was almost dried up after days of dry weather. It was flooded with fallen leaves and broken branches. Although it was without any trace of water, the soil was quite damp.

This female suddenly appears and starts to oviposit on the damp soil. she spent quite awhile surveying the area and looking for suitable spots. She will hang around at a particular spot for awhile, lay her eggs and then move on to another spot.

The dried up forest pool is quite big, about the size of a basket ball court. From far, the female has already started ovipositing her eggs.
A tiny speck of green amongst a sea of fallen leaves.

She randomly chose her breeding spots, which include decayed leaves, damp soil and rotten logs.

I think that is a heavily rotten tree trunk where she is ovipositing on.
Dorsal view. See how she stretch out her abdomen.
Another closer dorsal view shot – she is oblivious to my presence.
Frontal view with two large greenish eyes. Dorsum and both sides of the thorax is greenish too.
A solitary male was seen resting at the nearby branch.

This place is indeed a perfect breeding place for the forest-dwelling duskhawkers.


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