Agriocnemis nana (Laidlaw, 1914)

Family: Coenagrionidae
Scientific Name: Agriocnemis nana
Common Name: Dwarf Wisp

This tiny damselfly is the smallest damselfly in Singapore. It is found in grass marshes in open forests, small streams and vegetation around edges of the central catchment reservoirs. It is very rare and localised in Singapore. The only places where I have found this species is at the water edges of the MacRitchie reservoir.
 The male has a blue thorax with black strips and blue abdomen. The labrum is blue and the pterostigma is bluish-white.
A male with striking bi-colour of yellow and blue on it’s thorax and abdomen.
A slightly younger male
Another young male.
This is a teneral male.
Same individual – dorsal view.
 The female is more colourful with green-yellowish thorax and blue abdomen. The pterostigma is pale brown.
Female with stunning colour. The thorax is lime green and the underside of the abdomen is light blue.
Another female individual found at the reservoir edge.
The stunning colour shows up well on this female.

I have only seen this species on just two to three occasions at the MacRitchie reservoir. Hope this species still survives as I have not seen it for quite a long time.


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