Vestalis gracilis (Rambur, 1842)

Family: Calopterygidae
Scientific Name: Vestalis gracilis
Common Name: Clear-winged forest glory

Vestalis gracilis (Clear-Winged forest Glory) is a large Demoiselles species of damselfly which inhibits heavily shaded forest streams. It is not recorded from the Book of Dragonfly by Mr. Tang. It could well be a new discovery in the Singapore odonata’s record. As far as I know, this species can only be found at the forest streams in the northern region of Singapore.

The male has a very slim abdomen. It has yellow stripes at the side of the thorax. The wings are slightly tinted brown. Older individuals developed pruinose over it’s body. Females are easily identifiable, with very similar appearance as the males.

Several individuals can be seen on overhanging plants over running streams or at the heavily shaded forest trails. This is an unmistakeable and very elegant species of damselfly.

A fresh and teneral male.
Clear-winged forest glory (Vestalis gracilis)
An adult male with large tinted wings and straight abdomen.
Clear-winged forest glory (Vestalis gracilis)
A very old and heavily pruinosed male.
A teneral female.
A young and pristine female.
Clear-winged forest glory (Vestalis gracilis)
An adult Female.

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