Anax guttatus (Burmeister, 1839)

Family: Aeshnidae (Hawkers)
Scientific Name: Anax guttatus
Common Name: Emperor

Female Anax guttatus

Anax guttatus is a large and robust dragonfly that is not often sighted in Singapore. It is a very fast and strong flyer, often seen patrolling at large open ponds and reservoirs. In Singapore, I have seen this species at USR, MacRitchie Reservoir, and Bukit Timah Nature Reservoir.

The thorax is lime green. There is prominent blue markings at the second and third abdominal segments. The sides of the abdomen has a strong orange-spotted pattern.

Dorsal view showing strong blue markings and spotted abdomen
A very colourful species
thorax is lime green and unmark
Female anal appendages is short and intact
No T-shape mark on the fron. Hyaline wings, and dark legs
close-up of anal appendages

Sometimes, female can be found ovipositing on floating vegetation at ponds or edge of the reservoir by inserting eggs into plant tissues. This is done by making a small slit on the plant tissues using it’s ovipositor.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The above female was ovipositing on to plant tissues at a water-logged drainage structure at BTNR.


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