Family: Aeshnidae
Scientific Name: Heliaeschna uninervulata
Common Name: Lesser Night Hawker

I was both astonished and delighted for the fact that I have captured the very rare female individual of Heliaeschna Uninervulata in one of my trips to the Central Catchment Nature Reserve.

The female individual was perching on a tree branch about 3 metres from the ground. From far, it looks like a small aeshnid, with a wing span of only 40-44mm. The tail section of the abdomen was tilted at an angle of about 90 degree throughout the whole duration of my photographing. The place where it was found was heavily shaded within the secondary forests.

Here are some of the features of this species:

  • the eyes are light-brownish on top and yellowish below
  • the thorax is olive-green
  • legs are darken distally
  • there is only one cross vein in the median space on both wings
  • both wings are slightly tinted brown
  • the abdomen is dark brown with speckles of green
  • the leaf-like cerci is broad and long and for this individual, is intact

The male can be found here.

Side view- notice the leaf-like long and broad cerci. Both are intact.
The dark abdomen is very prominent.
Notice the unique blue markings on the abdomen.
An enlarge shot of the marking pattern on the synthorax and the first two segments of the abdomen.
Clearer view of the blue markings on the abdomen. Legs are darken distally.
Check out the cerci!!
Wings are slightly tinted brownish. The olive-green thorax can be seen in this photo.
Big eyes that are brownish on top and yellowish below.
A final dorsal view. A beautiful species.

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