HELIAESCHNA UNINERVULATA MARTIN – 2nd encounter of a male ♂

The discovery of the heliaeschna uninervulata female has excited me, and prompted me to hunt for this species of dragonfly again on the next day. To my surprise, this time I discovered a male.

The male was perching fairly low on a tree branch slightly above my eye level.

As you can see, this is a pristine male with very brilliant colours. I have to use flash as the surrounding is quite dark. The identity of this species is unmistakeable, especially for it’s single cross vein and the leaf-shaped appendages.

The male with distinct anal appendages and thoracic marking.
Eyes are brownish on top and yellowish below.
Notice the hyaline wings and T-shaped mark on the fron.
Side of the thorax is olive-green, ventral side of the abdomen is dark, legs are dark.
Another side view showing full view of the legs and thorax.
Notice the leaf-shaped cerci.
Full dorsal view of the male.
Notice the two blue spots marking on the abdomen, similar to the female.
Final view of the male.

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