Merogomphus femoralis Laidlaw, 1931

Family: Gomphidae
Scientific Name: Merogomphus femoralis
Common Name: Malayan Spineleg

This species is very rare in Singapore and was first recorded in Nee Soon Swamp Forest in 2007 and 2008. There was a single male specimen recorded from Peninsular Malaysia on 1921.

I found the female individual at a heavily shaded forest trial at NSSF in Jun 2013. It was found resting on a fallen tree trunk on the trail when I first seen it. Shortly afterwards, it flew and rested on top of a leaf slightly above my eye level and facing away from my view. I managed to took a few quick shots before it flew even more higher up to the canopy and disappeared soon after.

This is a medium-sized gomphid with well-separated green eyes. It has greenish yellow stripes on the sides of the thorax. The abdomen segment has five horizontal yellowish stripes. Another distinguishing feature is the white superior appendages and the long hing legs.

The female Merogompus femoralis found at the forest trail at NSSF.
An enlarge cropped, showing the well-separated green-eyes and long femur legs. The five yellowish stripes on the abdomen can also been seen.

About a week later when I was at the exact spot where I seen the first female, I saw another individual (or was it the same female?), resting on the same tree. This individual was also very skittish and does not allowed me to take more than a few shots.

Not sure if this is the same individual as the first female? Or was it a male? I am very sure they are of the same species.
Although not very clear from this photo, the long, curved inwards, and whitish superior appendages can still been seen.

I have compared the photos of these two individuals with the one published by Mr. Tang and found it to be very similar. My conclusion of this species is that it is very skittish, and it could well be found deep in the Singapore forests.


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