Heliaeschna Uninervulata Martin, 1909 – An Old Male

Family: Aeshnidae
Scientific Name: Heliaeschna uninervulata
Common Name: Lesser Night Hawker

I was at Pulau Ubin in early June 2015 when I accidentally bumped into a pretty “large” Aeshnid-like dragonfly resting at the forested vegetation near to the main road. The time was about 4 plus in the afternoon and apparently this male individual was not very active then.

After a couple of shots, it becomes obvious to me that this is a male H. uninervulata (my third sighting of this species in Singapore). The unique features of this species is the single cross vein on the wings and the incision-shaped anal appendages (for males).

This species is very rare in Singapore and the sighting at Pulau Ubin could be a new record found at the location.

An aged male. The left side of the hindwing is partially torn.
The pattern marking on the dorsum of the thorax and 1st and 2nd abdominal segments is unmistakeably that of this species.
The anal appendages is out of focus, but the shape is still discernible from this picture.
As in some of my previous pictures, the male has it’s tail slightly raised. The legs are dark.
The luminous blue specks on the dorsum of the thorax are especially striking.
Lateral view – Notice the eyes are lime green on top and yellowish below. The sides of the thorax are greenish.

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