Heliaeschna Uninervulata Martin, 1909 – Sighting of a female again.

Family: Aeshnidae
Scientific Name: Heliaeschna uninervulata
Common Name: Lesser Night Hawker

This was my second sighting of a female Heliaeschna Uninervulata in the secondary forest of the Central Catchment Nature Reserve.

This female was perching on a branch slightly above my head. The surrounding was a densely forested vegetation with a small stream running through it.

My first sighting of the female. She was perching on this vertical branch and stay there for as long as the time I was there. There is a white patch on the left side of the lower wing, probably a stain from the dirt when mating or ovipositing.
This should be a young female as she look quite “fresh”. The wings are not heavily tinted and the eyes are light brownish.
There is a T-shaped mark on the upper side of the fron.
The thoracic marking are unmistakeable of this species. The single cross vein could clearly be seen.
The leaf-shaped anal appendages are distinctive.
Legs, abdomen and anal appendages are mainly black.
I tried to get a vertical dorsal shot here although I was blocked by some fallen branches on the ground.
A slightly lateral view, showing the olive brown thorax.
Another dorsal view.
A beautifully stunning species!!

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