Risiophlebia dohrni, Krüger, (Potbellied Elf) -1902

Family: Libellulidae
Scientific Name: Risiophlebia dohrni
Common Name: Potbellied Elf

I have published the very rare and elusive potbellied elf sometime ago in 2013. This was the 1st time I have seen a single male at the Central Catchment Nature Reserve and a single female was also observed at another part of the nature reserve.

Due to the very rare status of this dragonfly, it was listed as endangered in the Singapore Red Data Book.

The male was found in the shaded forest pool in the Central Nature Reserve. Due to it’s very small size, about 24-25mm in body length, I would have certainly missed it, if not for the male Libellago hyalina that I am photographing nearby.

The male as shown below was perching very near to the water surface of the pool, probably waiting for the female for mating.

IMG_0794.2015.7.3 IMG_0819.2015.7.3 IMG_0831.2015.7.3 IMG_0849.2015.7.3 IMG_0861.2015.7.3 IMG_0875.2015.7.3 IMG_0882.2015.7.3 IMG_0899.2015.7.3 IMG_0906.2015.7.3 IMG_0914.2015.7.3 IMG_0922.2015.7.3

The female, on the other hand, was found far away from any water source. She was perching quite high up on a twig in bright sunlight. I was quite surprised at the location where she was found because she was perching just beside the carpark.

IMG_9208.2015.6.28 IMG_9227.2015.6.28 IMG_9255.2015.6.28 IMG_9321.2015.6.28 IMG_9335.2015.6.28 IMG_9340.2015.6.28 IMG_9366.2015.6.28 IMG_9397.2015.6.28

These photos of a mating pair was taken in 2013, which I have published here for the first time. The pair was found at a forest trail deep inside the nature reserve, and was found a few hundred metres away from the nearest forest pools.

IMG_8291.2013.6.23 IMG_8301.2013.6.23 IMG_8312.2013.6.23


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