Paragomphus capricornis enjoying sunbath in the grassland

Family: Gomphidae
Scientific Name: Paragomphus capricornis
Common Name: Banded Hooktail

Banded hooktail is a rare gomphid in Singapore. It inhabits clear streams with gravel bottom in open forest. Male prefer to perch on logs and stones in mid-stream.

These hooktails, both males and females, prefer to perch on twigs and wild flowers in the grassland under the hot sun. Sometimes they would raise their abdomen in an obelisk posture to minimise their body exposure to the sun.

Here are some shots taken recently at their favourite grassland.

A male – notice the hook-like superior appendages, is resting on a dried bidens flower.
This male is resting on a twig. This is where they rest and feast on small flying insects.
A closer shot of the same male.
Another shot.
Another male.
They are not very skittish. Once disturbed, they would usually fly to a nearby perch.
A frontal shot.
A female which perch with her abdomen slightly raised. Wings pointed down.
A closer shot.
A lateral shot of the female.

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