Chalybeothemis fluviatilis Lieftinck, 1933 – A close-up shot!

Family: Libellulidae
Scientific Name: Chalybeothemis fluviatilis
Common Name: Green-eyed Percher

I was always fascinated by this species of dragonfly due to it’s shinning green eyes. It is an uncommon and localise species which are found in exposed weedy banks of streams, rivers and near the banks of reservoirs. I have seen this species at just three locations; 1) near the banks of MacRitchie Reservoir; 2) at the big pond at Kent Ridge Park; and 3) at the open pond at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

This male was taken at the last location. A pleasant surprise for me as this was the first time I have seen this species at the location.

The most striking feature of this specie is the green eyes.
It’s sun-tanning on the concrete barrier structure.
Just one single lonely male.
Dorsal view – A handsome species.

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