Libellago lineata (Burmeister, 1839) – Golden Gem

Family: Chlorocyphidae (Jewels)
Scientific Name: Libellago lineata
Common Name: Golden Gem

Golden Gem is a very attractive damselfly and is locally rare in Singapore. The male has extensive golden-yellow markings on the thorax and abdominal segments. It has dark iridescence spot on the tip of the forewing. It also has white legs which it displays during fighting with rival males. The female is slightly bigger and more robust.

This species can be found in just two to three locations in Singapore. It has been found at a large sandy-bottom stream in the western part of Singapore and at a remote corner of the reservoir in the Central Catchment Nature Reserve. It has also been seen at a stream inside the forest of the MacRitchie Reservoir.

These are sub-adult males which has yet to develop the shade of golden colour of the adult males.

Sub-adult male.
Eyes are dull. The dark apical spot has yet to develop.
Same male.

Adult males display their full glory and are always ready to fight for territories and to mate with the females.

Adult male.
Adult male defending it’s territories on a rock.
He is ready to pick up a fight with other males.
At another perch near the river edge.
Back again!!

These are sub-adult females. They are stouter with thicker abdomen.

Very similar to sub-adult males but larger in size.
It has abit of golden yellow on it’s abdomen.

Fully-grown females are greenish with black markings. They often hide in the corners and away from the breeding spots. They only appear at the right time for mating.

In the thicker vegetation.
Another adult female.

A shot video of adult males engage in territories fight.


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