Oligoaeschna amata (Fӧrster, 1903) * (A female with broken-off appendages)

Family: Aeshnidae
Scientific Name: Oligoaeschna amata (Fӧrster, 1903)
Common Name: Paddle-tail

Oligoaeschna amata is a very rare species of dragonfly which has occasionally been sighted at the Central Catchment Nature Reserve. It is thought that this species was believed to be extinct in Singapore but recent sightings has proved to be otherwise.

This species of dragonfly seems to inhabit wooded swampy forests and is crepuscular. It rests by day in the dense undergrowth and forages before dusk. Female has long racket-like appendages which often lost through breakage.

A recent trip to the CCNR has awarded me with a glimpse of the elusive female resting in the undergrowth of the secondary forest.

The female hiding in the undergrowth.
It’s appendages has been broken-off.
It has apple-green eyes. The pair of wings are tinted brown extensively.
It has a “cone-shape” abdomen which tapers from the base to the tip of the abdomen.
View from the side. Look at the green transverse flecks on the abdomen.
Female reproduction organs are in view.
A rare glimpse of the ventral side.
Lateral view. The side of the thorax is greenish with stripes.

This species is known to exist in Borneo. It appears to be absent from Peninsular Malaysia.


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