Agriocnemis minima (Selys, 1877) – Very young female

Family: Coenagrionidae
Scientific Name: Agriocnemis minima
Common Name: NA

Very young Agriocnemis minima has a totally different colour than the adult female of the same species. It has an orange body and red abdomen.

Very striking orange thorax and red abdomen
It has orange eye spots
The thorax is totally unmark.
No black mid-dorsal stripes unlike adult female
Very pretty orange and red combination
The upper lip is somewhat metallic

It is a pretty tiny damselfly and was only recently been discovered near the CCNR.


Pornothemis starrei Lieftinck, 1948 – Young Female

Family: Libellulidae
Scientific Name: Pornothemis starrei
Common Name: Mangrove Marshal

Pornothemis starrei is a mangrove species of dragonfly that is quite rare in Singapore. I have seen this species at SBWR, Pulau Ubin and the mangrove swamp at northern part of Singapore.

The male is slightly metallic black with greenish-blue eyes. Female was rarely photographed.

Recently, I have captured some female photos and here is one of the younger female.

Female Pornothemis starrei – males are occasionally encountered, females are very rare.
The eyes are greenish-blue. Wings are clear.
Legs and abdomen are black.
Body is olive colour. She has prominent flaps on the side of segment 8.
An easy species to photograph as long as it’s not disturbed.
A stunning beautiful species.

Agriocnemis minima (Selys, 1877) – An encounter with a sub-adult female with a tragic end!

Family: Coenagrionidae
Scientific Name: Agriocnemis minima
Common Name: NA

As mentioned in my previous posts, I have encountered and taken photos of adult male and various forms of female form from the very young to full adult and the aged. On October 2015, I have come across a very attractive sub-adult female. From the physical appearance, this female is very much the same in size and colour as the full adult female, except that the colour on the thorax is more yellowish and the two stripes at the synthorax are yellow.

This female individual was found near the edge of the forest’s wetland. Sadly, this female was preyed by a robber-fly after I had taken most of my shots.

The female in dorsal view.
Female in lateral view. Notice the two orange-yellowish stripes.
Another top-down view.
A closer dorsal view of the head and thorax.
Distinctive green eyes and yellow pterostigmata.
Frontal shot of the head.
The face is clearly visible.
A final lateral view. Yellowish thorax and striking green stripes at the side of the abdomen.

This small midget has largely been overlooked by observers as they are so tiny. It is hope that they will permanently make this patch of wetland their home.


Agriocnemis minima (Selys, 1877) – The Rare Adult Female

Family: Coenagrionidae
Scientific Name: Agriocnemis minima
Common Name: NA

Agriocnemis minima is a tiny and unrecorded species of damselfly that is only recently being discovered in Singapore. I have taken shots of males and young and aged females at a freshwater swamp in the Western part of Singapore.

The adult female has eluded me until very recently when I bumped into this female. After doing some research on the internet, it became apparent to me that this individual should be the adult female form of this species. It is very rare and I have only seen one individual of this form.

The eyes are brown on top and green below. It has yellow pterostigmata, and has yellow stripes on the synthorax. The sides of the thorax and abdomen are green and the dorsal side of the abdomen is black.

The eyes are brownish on top, and green below.
It has blue postocular spots. Top of synthorax and abdomen are black. it has two yellow-greenish stripes on the synthorax.
The sides of the thorax is yellowish-green. Wings are clear with yellow pterostigmata.
Another dorsal view of this female.
Same female – lateral view.
A stunning beautiful species.

This species prefer to be in the open, grassy areas at the edge of the flooded wetland. It is probably the tiniest species of damselfly in Singapore with the abdomen plus appendages measuring just 14.5mm.


Oligoaeschna foliacea Lieftinck, 1968

Family: Aeshnidae
Scientific Name: Oligoaeschna foliacea Lieftinck 1968
Common Name: Leaftail

Oligoaeschna foliacea is a very rare species of dragonfly which inhabit wooded swampy forests in the Central Catchment Nature Reserve. It is crepuscular where it rests in the forests during the day, and forages for insects during dusk and dawn. This species like to rest vertically on twigs or leaves, generally slightly above an observer’s eye-level.

The male is rather rare but may appear in numbers during the breeding seasons. It can be told apart from the similar O. amata by the shape of it’s anal appendages. It’s superior appendages has a leaf-like profile view and it’s inferior appendage is longer than that of O.amata.

This is an older male. The thorax and abdomen is dark reddish brown. The superior appendages is moderately long, robust and leaf-like in profile view.
The wings are uniformly covered in amber-brown. Eyes are dark green in young individuals.
Lateral view with green markings on it’s thorax and abdomen.
The leaf-like anal appendages can be viewed here.

The best time to observe this species is in September to October in the Central Nature Reserve.