Agriocnemis minima (Selys, 1877) – An encounter with a sub-adult female with a tragic end!

Family: Coenagrionidae
Scientific Name: Agriocnemis minima
Common Name: NA

As mentioned in my previous posts, I have encountered and taken photos of adult male and various forms of female form from the very young to full adult and the aged. On October 2015, I have come across a very attractive sub-adult female. From the physical appearance, this female is very much the same in size and colour as the full adult female, except that the colour on the thorax is more yellowish and the two stripes at the synthorax are yellow.

This female individual was found near the edge of the forest’s wetland. Sadly, this female was preyed by a robber-fly after I had taken most of my shots.

The female in dorsal view.
Female in lateral view. Notice the two orange-yellowish stripes.
Another top-down view.
A closer dorsal view of the head and thorax.
Distinctive green eyes and yellow pterostigmata.
Frontal shot of the head.
The face is clearly visible.
A final lateral view. Yellowish thorax and striking green stripes at the side of the abdomen.

This small midget has largely been overlooked by observers as they are so tiny. It is hope that they will permanently make this patch of wetland their home.


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