Libellago hyalina, Selys, 1859

Family: Chlorocyphidae (Jewels)
Scientific Name: Libellago hyalina
Common Name: Clearwing Gem

July is definitely the breeding month for the Clearwing gems where I have seen many of these little gems scattering around an open patch of the forest in the Central Catchment Nature Reserve. This time round, males are evidently more abundant than females.

Majority of the males are matured male which has a bluish grey abdomen. Younger male has attractive steel blue abdomen.

This is an adult matured male. The abdomen is bluish grey in colour.
Another matured male.
Third male with the same colouration. This is the most common colour form.
Adult male with amazing steel blue abdomen.

Females has a thicker abdomen and stouter in appearance. Young female has a golden orange body whilst older females are paler bluish grey in colour.

Young female has a orange-striped abdomen. The pterostigma is white in colour.
Another young female.
Older female has a dull bluish abdomen.

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