Vestalis amoena Hagen in Selys, 1853

Family: Calopterygidae
Scientific Name: Vestalis amoena
Common Name: Charming Flashwing

Charming Flashwing is an uncommon and restricted species of damselfly that can be found at dense forests of our the nature reserves. Unlike V. amethystina, V. amoena is more likely associate with larger forest streams in the nature reserve.

V. amethystina, and V. amoena looks very much alike. The males of these species can be separated by the shape of the tip of the superior appendages. For V. amoena, the appendages appear to be less curved towards each other.

The attached photos are taken in thick and remote forests at the Upper Pierce Reservoir.

Vestalis amoena – male.
It is wary of my presence and is very alert.
Note the shape of it’s superior appendages. It is less curve towards each other and shaped like a horseshoe.

This species has a pair of very attractive sparkling blue purple iridescense wings when viewed at a certain angels from the reflection of the sunlight.

Unlike V. amethystina, V. amoena is more scarcer and it is thought to be endangered in our nature reserves.


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