Encounter with a Sub-adult male Trithemis festiva (albeit a dead-one)

Family: Libellulidae
Scientific Name: Trithemis festiva
Common Name: Indigo Dropwing

I believed everyone has seen a blue-coloured Trithemis festiva before, but has anyone seen a yellow one?

A few years ago while I was walking along a gravel track inside Lor Asrama , a small dragonfly suddenly fell from the sky and landed in front of me. Noticing it was something I have never seen, I immediately took a few shots as it wriggled on the ground, dying from the immense heat on the dirt road.

Later, I moved and placed it on top of a small plant under some shades and took some photos.

I believed it could be the sub-adult male of Trithemis festiva which not many people had seen before.

What do you think?

This sub-adult male Trithemis festiva suddenly dropped from the sky and landed on the gravel road. It was dead a short while later.
I placed it on top of a small plant. Notice the similarities from the adult males, such as the top of the eyes are brownish, and the small dark spots on the base of the hind wings.
While one thing similar to the adult form of the blue male is that they both have the yellow steaks along the abdomen.
The yellow strips on the side of the thorax and and abdomen would later turn into dark blue when the male matures.
Frontal shot of the light brownish eyes.

It was strange why wasn’t the sub-adult male as frequently seen as the adult male. It could be that the young male prefer to reside in the tree top before venturing into the nearby streams for mating when it becomes adult male.


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