Heliaeschna crassa Krüger, 1899

Family: Aeshnidae
Scientific Name: Heliaeschna crassa
Common Name: Nighthawker

Another very rare hawker species that can be found in Singapore, H. crassa inhabit swampy forests and are crepuscular in it’s natural habitat.

This was my 3rd sighting of this species, at the dense under-story of Upper Seletar Reservoir.

Compare to H. uninervulata and other Gynacantha Sp., H. crassa is far more elusive and also sensitive even to the slightest movements.

I am only able to capture a glimpse of this individual and a few shots before it disappear into the surrounding vegetation.

H.crassa -male. perching on a plant’s stem about 1.5 metre above the ground.
An older male with part of it’s upper right wing missing.
Unlike H.idae, H.crassa has it’s anal appendages slightly recurved.

Female of either H. crassa or H. idae has been photographed before in Singapore but I have yet to encounter any female species.


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