Brachygonia oculata (Brauer, 1878)

Family: Libellulidae
Scientific Name: Brachygonia oculata
Common Name: Pixie

This gorgeous little dragonfly was very rare in Singapore. According to records, it was collected by A.R.Wallace in Singapore in 1854. After which no records were known until it was seen again in May 2007 in the Western Catchment area of Singapore.

This attractive small dragonfly is predominantly orange in color with splashes of powdery white to it’s abdomen. The last three segments of it’s abdomen are black.

Female is less attractive and brown in color.

This male specimen, well, the one and only male specimen I have seen, perched on a dry twig, motionlessly for quite awhile.
It has a surprisingly large head. It is in fact very small, the size of a black-tipped percher. It’s total body length is only about 22mm.
Dorsal view showing it’s hyaline wings and the three-colored tone abdomen.
A frontal shot, showing it’s large compound eyes, largely black with reddish on top and the whitish mouth part.
Another dorsal view here. Hmm.. the powdery white patches over it’s abdomen looks very interesting as if someone has splashed a layer of white paint over it.
Another angle , same specimen.
Final pose. One of the most prettiest and attractive dragonfly that can be found in Singapore.

I can count myself as being extremely lucky to have seen a male specimen of this rare dragonfly in Singapore.