Libellago lineata – “Golden Gem” Burmeister, 1839

Family: Chlorocyphidae (Jewels)
Scientific Name: Libellago lineata
Common Name: Golden Gem

Libellago lineata is an attractive small damselfly, a species from the family of Chlorocyphidae which is widespread in tropical Asia.

In Singapore, this species has been classified as restricted but common. It can be found in most reservoirs within the Central Catchment Nature Reserve as well as Mandai river, where it can still be found in good numbers.

Adult male has extensive golden-yellow markings on the thorax and 5-6 abdominal segments. It has white markings on it’s legs.
Here, the bluish black spot on the top of it’s wings is quite prominent.
A young male is quite dull in color.
A pair in mating position. Look out for the approaching Prodasineura humeralis.
The male Prodasineura humeralis – orange-striped threadtail has surprisingly landed on the tip of the wings of the male.
Immediately after copulation, the female began to lay her eggs in the water. The male guarding the female nearby from other rival males.
The female laid more eggs just above the water edge.
Male fighting for territories and the chance of mating with the female.
Watch this video for the fighting males in action.
Young female is also golden in color but less prominent than male. She has yet to develop pruinescence on her body. Her abdomen looks more robust.
Matured female is darker with greenish markings. The pterostigmata is yellow in color.
Pruinescence has developed on this matured female.
This female is probably at the stage of color transition from juvenile to adult.

It is fascinating to watch this species up close from males circling one another in territorial fight to male mating with female in intense copulation to female laying eggs on floating logs or vegetation guarded by the male. I feel lucky for having the chance to watch the above actions unfold some time back at Mandai river.