About me

Serenity at Upper Peirce Reservoir.


Thanks for visiting my website.

I am Leonard Tan, from Singapore.

I started observing dragonflies and damselflies from the beginning of  year 2010, a hobby which I greatly enjoy. I love taking photograph of these fascinating insects in their natural habitats.

There are many places in Singapore which are great for observing dragonflies and damselflies, such as forests and reservoirs around Central Catchment Nature Reserve, Mandai forests, Chestnut forests and Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

I hope you enjoy reading my website and hope to receive your comments.




10 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Leonard,

    You have records of some rare species in Singapore.
    Please may I check with you the locations of some of these species?

    Your records would greatly enhance the conservation status review of Singapore’s Odonata.

    If ok, please email me yanrobin@hotmail.com

    Robin Ngiam

  2. Hello Leonard, I’m a UK-based enthusiast and just found your excellent website, which helped me with an encounter in Hong Kong. I trust you don’t mind but I’ve added a link to your site on my own website (http://www.odonata.org.uk). I visited Singapore in February 2013 and met some of your wonderful collection of species, some with the help of Anthony Quek (if you know him), another of your fellow enthusiasts.

    John Curd

    1. Hi John,
      Glad to know that you had been in Singapore in 2013 and captured some of our dragonfly species.
      I do know Anthony Quek who had an excellent Odonata collection.
      You are more than welcome to add my website to yours. You have a nice day.


  3. Hello, Leonard.

    I have just finished a book on Odonata for a British publisher, and I am acquiring photos for it. In a section on odonate families, I would very much like to use one of your photos of Epophthalmia vittigera as an example of Macromiidae. Would it be possible to get a high-resolution photo of a male from you? If you email me (dennispaulson@comcast.net), I could give you more details.

    I have visited Singapore three times, in August 1980, September 1989, and October 1992, each time seeking dragonflies and everything else about nature. I liked it very much.

    Thanks very much,
    Dennis Paulson

    1. Hi Dennis,
      Thanks for visiting my website. As per your request, I will send a high resolution of my E.Vittigera photos to your email address.

      Thanks & Regards,
      Leonard Tan

  4. Hi. I am from River Valley High School Singapore and currently doing a project involving the identification of some damselflies and dragonflies. May i ask if I could use some of your images and information for my project? All details and images would be credited to you. Thank you very much. -Grace

  5. Dear Leonard,

    I’m Yong Jen from NParks National Biodiversity Centre and I’m currently working on a Dragonfly and Damselfly identification guide on the SGBioAtlas. We would like to contact you to get your permission to use your photographs of dragonfly and damselfly. Do drop me an email at CIN@nparks.gov.sg so that we can discuss more.

    Thank you!

    Yong Jen

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