Common Blue Skimmer

Family: Libellulidae

Scientific Name: Orthetrum glaucum
Common Name: Common Blue Skimmer
Status: Common

IMG_9557.2013.7.3 IMG_2804.2012.7.21 IMG_1992.2011.12.18 IMG_1397.2011.12.13 IMG_6036.2011.10.9 IMG_7219.2013.6.20 IMG_6058.2011.10.9 IMG_5667.2011.2.24 IMG_4930.2012.1.15 IMG_2850.2011.12.29 IMG_2648.2011.12.29 IMG_2629.2011.12.29 IMG_2289.2011.12.27 IMG_2280.2011.12.27 IMG_1427.2011.12.13 IMG_0894.2012.3.18 IMG_0863.2013.3.9 IMG_0762.2013.3.3 IMG_0604.2012.9.29 IMG_9703.2012.9.24 IMG_8082.2013.9.23S IMG_4275.2014.1.19 IMG_4051.2013.6.2 IMG_2692.2011.12.29 IMG_0412.2012.6.30 IMG_8287.2011.5.17 IMG_5134.2011.9.18 IMG_3503.2011.12.30 IMG_3292.2011.12.30 IMG_2309.2011.12.27 IMG_1054.2013.3.10 IMG_0581.2012.6.30 IMG_0557.2012.6.30


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