Pseudothemis jorina Förster, 1904

Family: Libellulidae
Scientific Name: Pseudothemis jorina
Common Name: Banded Skimmer

Banded Skimmer is an uncommon species of dragonfly in Singapore. I have seen this species at many locations such as large open water bodies at lower pierce reservoir; large ponds at the Singapore Botanic Garden;  at the forest fringes of Bukit Timah Nature Reserve; Chestnut forest, and Ulu Sembawang Park Connector etc.

The male is basically black with white marking on the 1-3 segments of the abdomen. The female is yellowish with dark markings. Males are often found flying rapidly at open ponds and reservoirs, sometimes chasing rival males. By noon and after, it becomes less active and can be seen perching on twig in the forest. Sometimes, several males can be seen flying in swarm at the fringes of the forest.

Female is rarer, less active and most often encountered inside closed forest.

Male with very prominent white markings at the abdomen
Male – dorsal view. This picture was taken after a slight shower at the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. The raindrop is still visible on the dragonfly
Female – lateral view, taken at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve
Another female, taken at Dairy Farm Nature Park

Nesoxenia lineata (Selys, 1879)

Family: Libellulidae
Scientific Name: Nesoxenia lineata
Common Name: Striped Grenadier

This dragonfly is a smaller “grenadier”species, relatively uncommon, and inhibits swampy forests.

There are yellow bands on the sides of the thorax. The abdomen is thin and narrow, spear-shape in appearance, segments 6-8 are red, 9-10 are black. Females are similar in thoracic markings.

Young males perch for long period on twigs over shallow leafy-forest pools.