Great websites of Singapore Odonata

Singapore, although is small, about 710sq. km, harbor at least 124 species of odonata in the South East Asia region. Many Singaporeans have become interested in dragonflies and damselflies over the past few years since the publication of important books such as Dr. A.G.Orr’s pocket guide book of Dragonflies of Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore; a guide to the dragonflies of Borneo and our local dragonflies enthusiast Mr. Tang H.B.’s book on Dragonflies of Singapore.

I have been greatly inspired by Mr. Tang’s book and started to venture into the nature reserves in 2011 and collected numerous photos of Singapore Odonata. Mr. Tang has also given me valuable advises on some of the hard to identify species.

Readers who are interested in local Odonata species can click on the below links for more information.

1) Mr. Tang’s website:

Dragonflies and damselflies of Singapore

Dragonflies Singapore

2) A very informative and interesting website of local insects, birds, reptiles and of course dragonflies:

Creatures Big & Small