Gynacantha bayadera Selys, 1891

Family: Aeshnidae
Scientific Name: Gynacantha bayadera
Common Name: Small Duskhawker

Out of the four Gynacantha Sp. that can be found in Singapore, I think Gynacantha bayadera  is the most elusive and most hard to find. It is consider rare in Singapore and the two specimens which I took, a male and a female are found at Mandai Forest.

The thorax of this species is entirely green. Unlike the other Gynacantha Sp. that can be found locally here, bayadera does not have a T-shaped mark on the frons. The superior appendages is straight and fairly short.

From my observation, G. bayadera prefer to perch lowly on twig or branch in thick forest and will not move far if disturbed. It’s greenish thorax and small size also blend in perfectly well with the surrounding vegetation. It is a fairly a localized species and quite rare.