Lestes praemorsus decipiens Kirby, 1894

Family: Lestidae (Spreadwings)
Scientific Name: Lestes praemorsus decipiens
Common Name: Crenulated Spreadwing

Lestes praemorsus decipiens is a member of the Lestidae family. A common name for this species is Crenulated Spreadwing.

This species is uncommon and can be found at large water bodies such as reservoirs and large ponds and wetland marshes. In Singapore, I have seen this species at MacRitchie Reservoir and Bukit Timah Nature Reserves.

The male has powdery light blue thorax with dark spots. The abdomen is dark and shaped like a hockey stick. Aged males are heavily pruinosed.

They typically rest with their wings at an angle away from their bodies and half open. They usually perch on vertical stems of water plants with their abdomen hanging downwards.

A male Crenulated Spreadwing. The eyes and body are powdery blue colour with black markings.
A mating pair. The female here is ovipositing her eggs onto plant tissue with the male in contact guarding.
Dorsal view of the pair. The head of the female is partially submerged in water.
The anal appendages of the female submerged in water is clearly visible.
Male in frontal view.
Lateral view of the male. Notice the half-opened wings and the dark slender abdomen with the hockey-shaped appearance.
Another pair of Lestes praemorsus. The female is duller in appearance.
The second pair in dorsal view. The female has similar markings as the male and is more greenish in colour.
An aged and pruinosed male taken at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. My only encounter of this species at that region. It was found at a small drainage enclosure.