Pornothemis starrei Lieftinck, 1948 – Young Male

Family: Libellulidae
Scientific Name: Pornothemis starrei
Common Name: Mangrove Marshal

Pornothemis starrei young male is like the female with almost the same coloration.

It was quite rare and this one was found at the mangrove habitats at the northern part of Singapore.

Young male resting on twig some distance away from the mangrove.
Side view with distinctive olive brown thorax.
Clear wings, black legs and abdomen.
Eyes are brownish on top and greenish below.
Protruding secondary genitalia.
close-up of head and thorax.

This species prefers mangrove habitats and males are always found nearby when females are around. A species that should not be that difficult to encounter if one is at the right time and place.


Aethriamanta aethra Ris, 1912 (Young Male)

Family: Libellulidae
Scientific Name: Aethriamanta aethra
Common Name: Blue Adjutant

This is a young male of Aethriamanta aethra and is very rare in Singapore. This was my first sighting of this species in Singapore. It was found at the secondary forest at Mandai. This individual was perching very high up on a bamboo branch. It was quite a distance away from a nearby stream.

An awesome and pristine specimen.


Blue Adjudant, young male (Aethriamanta aethra)
Blue Adjutant, young male (Aethriamanta aethra)
Blue Adjudant, young male (Aethriamanta aethra)
Blue Adjutant, young male (Aethriamanta aethra)