Odonata Checklist 2013

This is the complete Odonata checklist of Singapore as at March 2013. All the species have been known to exist in Singapore, although some may have already been extinct or have not been seen for years. So far, 5 new species (1 dragonfly, 4 damselflies) have been discovered in Singapore).

Mass ovipositing of Prodasineura humeralis and Libellago lineata at Mandai River.

ZYGOPTERA (Damselflies)

IMG_3145.2011.12.29Amphipterygidae (Grisettes)

IMG_2305AACalopterygidae (Demoiselles)

IMG_2799.2011.7.31Chlorocyphidae (Jewels)

IMG_3044.2012.7.28Coenagrionidae (Pond damsels)

IMG_1384.2011.7.3Euphaeidae (Satinwings)

  • Black Velvetwing (Dysphaea dimidiata)
  • Blue-sided Satinwing (Euphaea impar) (1,2,3)

IMG_1934.2011.2.4Lestidae (Spreadwings)

Megapodagrionidae (Flatwings)

IMG_9199APlatycnemididae (Featherlegs)

IMG_8442.2011.5.15Platystictidae (Shadowdamsels)

  • Singapore Shadow Damsel (Drepanosticta quadrata)

IMG_7798AAProtoneuridae (Threadtails)

  • Collared Threadtail (Prodasineura collaris)
  • Orange-striped Threadtail (Prodasineura humeralis)
  • Interrupted Threadtail (Prodasineura interrupta)
  • Crescent Threadtail (Prodasineura notostigma)

ANISOPTERA (Dragonflies)

IMG_6499.2013.1.30aAeshnidae (Hawkers)

IMG_4055.2013.1.9Corduliidae (Emeralds)

IMG_5935.2012.1.17Gomphidae (Clubtails)

  • Splayed Clubtail (Burmagomphus divaricatus)
  • Lesser Splayed Clubtail (Burmagomphus plagiatus)
  • Common Flangetail (Ictinogomphus decoratus melaenops)
  • Malayan Grappletail (Heliogomphus kelantanensis) (1,2,3)
  • Ris’ Clubtail (Leptogomphus risi) (1,2)
  • Forktail (Macrogomphus quadratus) (1,2)
  • Malayan Spineleg (Merogomphus femoralis)
  • Tiny Sheartail (Microgomphus chelifer)
  • Banded Hooktail (Paragomphus capricornis) (1,2,3)

IMG_3170.2011.2.10Libellulidae (Skimmers & their relatives)

New Species Discovered in 2012

  • Teinobasis cryptica
  • Amphicnemis bebar
  • Zyxomma obtusum