Macromia cydippe Laidlaw, 1922 – female

Family: Corduliidae (Emeralds)
Scientific Name: Macromia cydippe
Common Name: Lesser Stream Cruiser

The female of Macromia cydippe is extremely rare, and I believe, has never been recorded in Singapore. In October 2013, I chanced upon a female of this species perched on a branch about 2 metres away from the ground at MacRitchie Reservoir. Immediately I knew that this could be the rare M.cydippe from the distinct whitish band on it’s abdomen.

The eyes of this female appeared to be greyish, the band is more whitish than yellowish and the pair of front wings is tinted with brownish patch.

Female Macromia cydippe
same female, this time perching quite high up on a branch
Side view. Notice the striking wide stripe at the thorax and the whitish band at segment 7 of the abdomen

Apparently, the female was waiting to mate with the male as I have also seen at least one male perching near to where the female was found.

From my observation, this species is quite widespread but very localised in Singapore. So far, it has been sited at a few locations such as NSSF, MacRitchie Reservoir and Venus Drive.


Macromia cydippe Laidlaw, 1922

Family: Corduliidae (Emeralds)
Scientific Name: Macromia cydippe
Common Name: Lesser Stream Cruiser

Macromia Cydippe is a very rare dragonfly species in Singapore. It was first recorded at Nee Soon Swamp Forest on 3rd January 2010. It is a forest species which prefers sluggish and clean-bottomed streams.

M.cydippe and M.cincta are both very similar in appearance. M. cydippe is characterised by it’s smaller size, more slenderer body, and a distinct yellow band at the base of the 7th abdominal segment. The inferior appendage of the male M. cydippe is much longer than it’s superior appendage.

I have seen this species, usually males, a couple of times at NSSF and MacRitchie Reservoir. Similarly to M. Cincta, this species like to perch motionlessly on twig just slightly above eye level.

This is the same male as in the main picture. It should be an adult male with shining blue abdomen and partly blue and brown patches at the top of the synthorax.
A young male perch on twig at eye level in Nee Soon Swamp Forest
Another male perched motionlessly on a thin branch beside the board walk in the sime forest.
Lateral view of the above male